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  • Sam Stewart


Daisy Chain

, 2022


Materials vary by work

Exhibition features 6 works


Volume Gallery, Daisy Chain , Chicago, IL, 2022

Daisy Chain addresses the suburban home good, finding curiosity in its mundanity. Though not necessarily unique, the source material evokes a familiarity that can be sentimental. And yet, Stewart has recast these objects via modest shifts in scale, collapsing the American vernacular with American modernism. At what point in losing function or practicality does a chain become a screen, or a ladder a chaise lounge? And conversely, how many working details or weld marks does a designed object, or to put it more bluntly, a piece of furniture, allow for?

Positioned away from the walls, the works in Daisy Chain — a roof, a couch, a fence, a ladder, a trampoline — appear as a living room in slight disarray as if guests had moved the furniture around or, the works are just so indicatively animate.

Sleepyhead, plywood, asphalt shingles, versatile plastic, acrylic, 72 × 72 × 6.5

Privacy Screen, stainless steel, 76 × dimensions vary

Dad Joke, aluminum, 25 × 77 × 19

Lefty, UV epoxy resin plastic, 73 × 22 × 14

Extended Release, polyvinyl fabric, air, 26 × 126 × 44

Yeeted Image, stainless steel, trampoline springs, 38 × 48 × 34